Restore Earth's Natural Balance

In 1919, Hungarian agricultural engineer, Károly Ereky, introduced the world to biotechnology and the science of using living organisms to create useful products, perform industrial tasks, and solve global issues. A century later, Mirai is harnessing biotechnology to restore Earth's natural balance by developing groundbreaking probiotics that transform the way food is manufactured and consumed around the world. We combine science and award-winning minds to tackle our planet's medical, ecological, and agricultural challenges, and help shape a sustainable future.


Armenian Ingenuity

Our products are based on the research of renowned Armenian microbiologist, Alexander Selimyan, who was born in Kirovakan, graduated with distinction, and dedicated his entire life to the advancement of science. After receiving his PhD in biotechnology from the prestigious Russian Academy of Sciences, he went on to author more than 30 patents, publish over 60 academic papers and books, and work with companies and institutions around the world. He served as the head of technology at the Armenian Biotechnological Institute and the deputy head of the Armenian Institute of Microbiology. He also directed biotechnology companies in Hungary and Cyprus and is currently a distinguished member of the Technological Academy of Armenia.

In the 1990's, Alexander discovered unique lactic acid bacteria within cow milk through prolonged microbiological selection and isolation that had the ability to produce billions of amino acids and dramatically impact the health of humans and animals. He developed a proprietary method to extract these miracle microbes from milk and ferment them within milk to activate their ability and produced one of the most powerful probiotics in history. Unfortunately, like most breakthroughs that are ahead of their time, his breakthrough did not manage to penetrate the industry. Years later, Alexander met serial entrepreneur, Sarkis Buniatyan, who fell in love with his research and founded Mirai Biotechnology to launch it around the world. The word 'Mirai' is Japanese for 'future' and thanks to Alexander's extraordinary work, our planet can have a better future.



Humans and animals share their bodies with trillions of microbes. These are benevolent and malevolent organisms that manage every aspect of health and make sure the body functions correctly. Prebiotics are dietary fibers that feed benevolent bacteria. Probiotics are benevolent bacteria that protect the body by combatting malevolent bacteria. Antibiotics are antimicrobial substances that kill bacteria or prevent bacterial reproduction. Continue →

The term hyprobiotic was coined by entrepreneur, Sarkis Buniatyan, to describe super microorganisms that create industrial impact by improving the health of living beings. HyproFeed is the first hyprobiotic that can organically boost animal growth, reduce greenhouse emissions, and replace antibiotics on an industrial scale.


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