Industrial Agriculture

Agriculture is a global operating system that governs and negatively impacts our planet more than any other industry. Scientists and environmentalists around the world have been desperately fighting to raise awareness for decades but by the time society understands, there won't be a planet left. The only way to change the status quo is by convincing this $2.4 trillion industry to stop destroying our ecosystem by offering profitable alternative solutions. Continue →

Mirai has developed the first probiotic that not only increases revenue and drastically decreases operational costs, but completely changes the way industrial agriculture operates and rescues the environment.



Humans and animals share their bodies with trillions of microbes. These are benevolent and malevolent organisms that manage every aspect of health and make sure the body functions correctly. Prebiotics are dietary fibers that feed benevolent bacteria. Probiotics are benevolent bacteria that protect the body by combatting malevolent bacteria. Antibiotics are antimicrobial substances that kill bacteria or prevent bacterial reproduction. The majority of antibiotics are used by farmers to boost animal growth and eliminate viruses. The problem is that the more they use them, the faster bacteria will evolve to protect themselves and eventually become unstoppable! Quality probiotics are the ideal solution but manufacturing them on an industrial scale is expensive and notoriously complex. Continue →

The term hyprobiotic was coined by entrepreneur, Sarkis Buniatyan, to describe super microorganisms that create industrial impact by improving the health of living beings. HyproFeed is the first hyprobiotic that can organically boost animal growth, reduce greenhouse emissions, and replace antibiotics on an industrial scale.


Amino Acids

Amino acids are the building blocks of life because every living cell uses them to build proteins and they govern every metabolic process in the body. They are primarily made up of carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, and oxygen. Over 700 types of amino acids have been discovered in nature but there are 20 primary blocks without which all life would cease to exist. Plants and many other organisms can produce all of them from scratch. However, humans and animals can only produce some of them organically and must consume the others through a daily diet. These are classified as essential amino acids and if the body fails to obtain enough of even one of them, it begins to deteriorate. Continue →

HyproFeed has achieved a staggering pH score of 3.1 and contains 15 of the 20 primary amino acids and more. Just 100 grams of our probiotic contains over 10 grams or billions of lactic acid bacteria and amino acids.



Lactic acid bacteria are the chief microorganisms used in food fermentation that manage digestion and numerous aspects of health. They normally produce a small amount of amino acids but Armenian microbiologist, Alexander Selimyan, discovered unique lactobacillus within cow milk through prolonged microbiological selection and isolation that had the ability to produce billions of amino acids and biologically upgrade the body of both humans and animals. He developed a proprietary method to extract these super bacteria from milk and ferment them within milk to activate their ability and produced a formidable probiotic that serves as the basis of all our products. Continue →

HyproFeed creates a balance between benevolent and malevolent bacteria within the body. It upgrades the digestive system so it can process food, convert it to waste, and combat malevolent bacteria more efficiently.


Biological Upgrade

The digestive system is a highly acidic environment designed to process food but it also unfortunately exterminates benevolent bacteria. However, our super bacteria can safely travel through the entire digestive system because they develop a strong symbiotic relationship with amino acids through fermentation that serves as an acidic suit of armor. This allows them to strengthen the immune system and provide many health benefits but most importantly, they gain the ability to safely abolish malevolent bacteria instead of killing them and keep the body completely balanced.

HyproFeed is an organic steroid with no side effects. It provides all the amino acids and lactic acid bacteria that animals need so that farmers no longer have to purchase them separately to keep livestock healthy.

Production Cycle

HyproFeed is manufactured in three stages that produces three distinct products that share the same benefits. We offer our probiotic as a liquid, powder, or feed so that farms can select the best option for them.


HyproFeed WET

We begin by extracting our lactic acid bacteria from milk and fermenting them within milk to produce our probiotic in its raw liquid state. HyproFeed Wet is our entry-level product offered in 25 liter canisters.


HyproFeed DRY

The next step is to dry the liquid, and convert our probiotic into a powder. HyproFeed Dry is offered in 25KG bags and farmers simply need to add 30 grams per kilo of food they feed their livestock.


HyproFeed MIX

Finally, we blend the powder with organic soybeans and corn to produce our premium HyproFeed Mix so that farmers can get the probiotic and livestock feed they need in one package from the company they trust.


Good for Business

Factory farms are the largest polluters on Earth and changing that has been very challenging and costly. Not anymore! Farmers can now easily optimize production, increase revenue, lower operational costs, and protect the environment. We are developing HyproFeed for all animals but currently only support pigs and chickens. Cows and sheep are next. By simply feeding their livestock HyproFeed, farmers are able to...

Organically Boost Growth

HyproFeed is a 100% natural probiotic derived from cow milk that contains no chemicals and is totally safe for humans and animals. It fortifies livestock immunity,  enhances metabolism, and boosts the growth of animals by over 15% by improving digestion.

Eradicate Toxic Waste

Livestock produce 130 times more waste than all of humanity combined and it is rich with antibiotics, hormones, bacteria, salts, metals, nitrates and pesticides that end up in landfills and wreak environmental havoc. HyproFeed completely eliminates this issue by suppressing pathogens and converting toxic waste into healthy recyclable manure directly within the animal's digestive system. This decreases greenhouse emissions, prevents diseases, and reduces waste management costs exponentially. Continue →

Create Premium Fertilizer

HyproFeed converts toxic waste into healthy manure that is rich with our lactic acid bacteria and is ideal for composting. When it is fed to red worms (eisenia fetida), they grow healthier and multiply faster to produce our premium biohumus fertilizer HyproHumus. We are turning waste into an excellent revenue stream for farms by enabling them to sell it and nourish the soil. Continue →

Replace Antibiotics

Antibiotics provide benefits by aggressively wiping out bacteria. Our super bacteria, on the other hand, can travel through the entire digestive system and abolish malevolent bacteria without causing any harm to animals or the environment. Continue →

Reduce Consumption

Replacing antibiotics, improving digestion, and safely removing malevolent bacteria dramatically decreases the amount of food, water, and supplements animal's need to consume. As a result, they produce less liquid waste, which lowers humidity, keeps farms dry, and reduces expenditure.

Achieve Higher Quality

Factory farms produce poor quality meat using unsustainable methods. HyproFeed creates premium quality meat that is much healthier, tastes staggeringly better, and costs less to produce. It also prevents fatal illnesses. For example, sows lose their appetite during and after their pregnancy, while newborn piglets develop lethal diarrhea at birth. Millions of pigs perish because of these two issues alone, but with HyproFeed, farmers have been able to cure diarrhea instantly and stimulate healthy appetites.

Decrease Emissions

Industrial agriculture is the top producer of greenhouse gases, such as methane, ammonia, and nitrous oxide. By converting toxic waste into manure and improving the way animals grow, HyproFeed decreases emissions by over 50% and eradicates putrid smells within days. Continue →

Decrease Ventilation

The air within factory farms is thick with methane, ammonia, and hydrogen sulfide gases that spread for hundreds of miles, ruining the environment and poisoning locals. Keeping these gases out requires constant expensive ventilation. HyproFeed significantly reduces these gases and produces a clean odor, which impacts the health of animals and the farmers raising them immensely.

Prevent Diseases

Factory farms are designed to raise as many animals as possible as cheaply as possible, which is how sickness spreads across the food chain and breeds antibiotic resistant super bugs. HyproFeed suppresses diseases and reduces livestock deaths better than any other probiotic or supplement in the world.

Achieve Sustainability

HyproFeed enables farms to easily start operating more efficiently and reducing their impact on the environment. It improves the way animals are raised, eliminates millions of tons of toxic waste, replaces antibiotics, prevents diseases, reduces operational costs, and increases revenue without hurting our planet in any way.


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