Biohumus is Unbeatable

Nature uses earthworms to manufacture and maintain fertile soil. Industrial agriculture uses chemical fertilizers to artificially boost production, which ruins the soil and poisons the entire food chain. Biohumus is an organic fertilizer that can reverse this cycle of environmental destruction. It is developed by earthworms that are extremely proficient at recycling organic waste and producing the most effective fertilizer. Biohumus does not contain any pathogens, weed seeds, or chemical additives. It packs all of the micro and macro nutrients that soil needs, such as amino acids, enzymes, antibiotics, vitamins, growth hormones, kinetin, and gibberellin, as well as soil conditioners such as humates and fulvates. As a result, crops grow faster, healthier, and tastier, and feature more vitamins, proteins, and sugars.

A fertilizer is a high concentration of nutrients. So when farmers use them, they are essentially feeding the earth steroids to increase fertility or gain higher yields. The problem is that it is extremely difficult to balance the amount of nutrients. Too much fertilizer pollutes the earth and surface water through nitrate leaching and nitrous oxide, a greenhouse gas that is 300 times more devastating than carbon dioxide. Plants feed microbes that nourish the soil through their root exudates but when there is an unnatural amount of nutrients, these microbes cannot be properly fed and the plants are forced to consume and release the nitrate in the soil.

Biohumus is an odorless granular fertilizer that detoxifies pesticides and prevents the accumulation of nitrates and heavy metals in the earth. It has high porosity, perfect aeration, good drainage properties and a large water holding capacity. It optimizes the quantity of retained moisture, heat and air and minimizes wind and water triggered erosion, which makes soil friable, cultivation easier, and the earth more resistant to cracking heavily. This provides plants with the moisture they need during droughts and prevents fertilizers from being washed away by rainfall.

Within chemistry, the pH scale measures the acidity level of a substance from 0-14, with 7 being neutral, lower numbers being acidic, and higher numbers being alkaline or basic. Biohumus ranges between 6.5-8 with an ideal amount of moisture content ranging between 45-60%. It also has a large absorbent surface, which allows countless microorganisms to settle in pores and carry out their activities. It stores nutrients in the soil for up to 5 years and improves the capacity of plants to absorb them in a healthy, regulated manner.



Healthy animals produce manure that nourishes the soil. Unhealthy livestock produce manure that is rich with antibiotics, hormones, bacteria, salts, metals, nitrates and pesticides that wreak environmental havoc. This untreated waste contains concentrations of pathogens and chemical residue up to 100 times higher than human waste. In fact, livestock produce 130 times more waste than all of humanity combined, which is the leading produce of methane. When earthworms try to organically recycle it, they die within hours.

Biohumus is the best fertilizer but we took it a step further and solved Earth's greatest waste problem. When livestock consume our probiotic HyproFeed, they gain the ability to convert their toxic waste into organic manure directly within their digestive system. Once it arrives, this manure is rich with our lactic acid bacteria and when we feed it to earthworms, they grow healthier and multiply faster to produce our supercharged biohumus fertilizer HyproHumus.

HyproHumus nourishes the soil and has converted unrecyclable waste into an excellent additional revenue stream for farms by enabling them to sell it as a premium fertilizer instead of polluting the environment.


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