Restore Earth's Natural Balance

In 1919, Hungarian agricultural engineer, Károly Ereky, introduced the world to biotechnology and the science of using living organisms to create useful products, perform industrial tasks, and solve global issues. A century later, Mirai is harnessing biotechnology to restore Earth's natural balance by developing groundbreaking probiotics that transform the way food is manufactured and consumed around the world. It all started in the 1990's with renowned Armenian microbiologist, Alexander Selimyan, who discovered ways to shift industrial agriculture through lactic acid bacteria. His extraordinary research produced our probiotics, which are now helping shape a sustainable future. Continue →



Humans and animals share their bodies with trillions of microbes. These are benevolent and malevolent organisms that manage every aspect of health and make sure the body functions correctly. Prebiotics are dietary fibers that feed benevolent bacteria. Probiotics are benevolent bacteria that protect the body by combatting malevolent bacteria. Antibiotics are antimicrobial substances that kill bacteria or prevent bacterial reproduction. Continue →

The term hyprobiotic was coined by entrepreneur, Sarkis Buniatyan, to describe super microorganisms that create industrial impact by improving the health of living beings. HyproFeed is the first hyprobiotic that can organically boost animal growth, reduce greenhouse emissions, and replace antibiotics on an industrial scale.



Earth has been overexploited, polluted, and converted into a giant farm. Unfortunately, three quarters of this farm is not used to grow grains, fruits, and vegetables to support humans, but to create biofuels and raise the billions of animals they eat. The livestock industry is notoriously unregulated and the worst polluter on Earth. Continue →

Advances in science and technology have enabled corporations to mass produce animals since the 1920's. Most of the meat today comes from factory farms but the way these giant industrial farms operate has barely changed. HyproFeed enables farmers to easily start operating more efficiently, consciously, and sustainably.

100% Natural

Our probiotic is derived from cow milk and does not contain any chemicals whatsoever. It is safe and healthy for human and animal consumption.

Reduce Emissions

HyproFeed eliminates toxic smells and produces a clean odor by reducing greenhouse emissions, such as methane and ammonia, by over 50%.

Replace Antibiotics

HyproFeed organically strengthens the immune system of animals, balances their microbiome, stimulates appetite, and prevents diseases.

Convert Waste into Manure

You can stop worrying about toxic animal feces because HyproFeed converts it into healthy manure directly within the animal’s digestive system.

Lower Operational Costs

HyproFeed dramatically decreases ventilation costs, waste management costs, humidity levels, and the amount of food and water livestock consume.

Increase Growth and Quality

HyproFeed packs billions of amino acids that boost animal growth by over 15% and produce premium quality meat that tastes staggeringly better.




Industrial agriculture uses chemical fertilizers to artificially boost production, which ruins the soil and poisons the entire food chain. Biohumus is an organic fertilizer that can reverse this cycle of environmental destruction. It is developed by red worms that are extremely proficient at recycling organic waste and producing the most effective fertilizer. When livestock consume our probiotic, their toxic waste gets converted into healthy manure directly within their digestive system. Once it arrives, this manure is rich with our lactic acid bacteria and when we feed it to earthworms, they grow healthier and multiply faster to produce our supercharged biohumus fertilizer HyproHumus.

HyproHumus does not contain any pathogens, weed seeds, or chemical additives. It packs all of the micro and macro nutrients that soil needs, such as amino acids, enzymes, natural antibiotics, vitamins, growth hormones, kinetin, and gibberellin, as well as soil conditioners such as humates and fulvates. As a result, crops grow faster, healthier, and tastier, and feature much more vitamins, proteins, and sugars.

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